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The Huscarian story

Huscara designs and creates limited edition luxury jewellery and accessories, for those that like to stand out. Our passion for the natural world and a thirst for adventure is reflected across the range. Not only are our pieces inspired by nature, they are also designed to thrive in it. With luxury that look perfectly suited to the office or to a private candle lit dining experience, they are ready for any adventure.

Limited range

We believe that jewellery or luxury accessory should be a special thing and as such we are committed to creating pieces that are truly unique. As part of that we feel that our pieces should not become an unlimited product that is churned out endless times to an endless market. We strongly disagree with that. We instead feel that a special piece is something that should be a limited edition. 


The concept of Huscara was originally conceived in 2011 on top of the Huascaran mountains, but it was the following year after a deep water ocean wreck dive that the creators came together to develop a new level of quality and integrity in the industry. As divers, mountaineers, a member of the military, an entrepreneur and a creative director, the founders felt they had a range of experience and requirements that truly put the luxury watch industry to test. Their demands and expertise reflected the elements that luxury watch brands claimed, but their passion to push themselves beyond normal limitations and their commitment to quality in everything they do led them to develop a range of jewellery and accessories that the discerning wearer can be truly be proud of.

The logo

The Peacock is a symbol that represents many aspects of our brand. From the history of our Founders to the annuls of time, the Peacock has been a symbol of integrity, protection and compassion. Also known for watchfulness and the all seeing eye, there is more to the Peacock than meets the eye. Obviously beautiful and proud on the surface, but as you dive beneath you will experience a true awakening as you discover the unfaltering integrity, compassion of the symbol and it’s origins. Those who wear the pieces we create have these same traits. Compassion, integrity and a watchful eye on the world around them, offering protection and guidance to those that need it. And that’s just the start

The group

Huscara belongs to a group of companies from a range of industries, designed to be sustainable businesses, providing value and a charming experience, to each and every one of our clients and partners. We aspire to be our client’s and partner’s most trusted brand to deliver fair value in a positively memorable way.